Törggelen in South Tyrol: a tradition

Since time immemorial, in autumn, after the grapes had been pressed, people would gather to enjoy all the products provided by a generous nature. Once upon a time, all the farmers and servants in the area would gather to celebrate in company. A tasty snack was served washed down with new wine and ‘Suser’ (new wine before fermentation).

But what was eaten? It was and still is a very special lunch: kraut, dumplings, smoked meat, home-made sausages, bacon, cheese and many other typical products. For dessert, ‘krapfen’ and roasted chestnuts with butter were eaten, particularly good when eaten with ‘Suser’!

The term ‘Törggelen’ is derived from the Latin word ‘torquere’, which means wine pressing. It has nothing to do with ‘torkeln’, which means staggering.

Are you feeling peckish? You can taste all these products in one of the traditional wine taverns and inns from October until the end of November.

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