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Seiser Alm Balance: Bracing training in the Laranza wood

Seis am Schlern

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Seis, sports field Laranz

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Seiser Alm Balance: Bracing training in the Laranza wood

The Laranz wood is a nature fitness studio and rewards you with fresh spring air, views to Dolomites and a splendid view from the "Königswarte" panoramic point. So that means step-training on a bench, push-ups against a tree or simply balance training as you press your whole weight down into the changing terrain underfoot. Take a relaxing jog to round off your workout. Body tension, body awareness, coordination training and regeneration make movement easier and help you to get more out of your workout. Our functional fitness trainer will help you to improve your skills in these areas and explain the connection between movement and quality of life.EXPERT: Egon Zuggal has set himself the goal of spreading joy and sport. As a sports group leader, Functional Fitness trainer and outdoor sportsman, giving people lasting memories through healthy movement in the open air is particularly dear to his heart.IMPORTANT: If you book a stay in one of the Balance partner accommodation in the period between 5th May and 2nd July 2022, you can participate in this event FREE OF CHARGE. Here you can find the Balance partner accommodation:

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