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Our Kastelruther Spatzen and music stars

Castelrotto owes its fame particularly to the Kastelruther Spatzen. Norbert Rier and his band colleagues carry the name of the place and the Kastelruther costume out into the world. Their success has made the Spatzen international greats in folk music. However, they have always maintained their roots to South Tyrol. Their three annual concerts in Castelrotto have long since become firmly established events in the community.

Every October they perform in their home village Kastelruth at the big “Kastelruther Spatzen” festival. Thousands of loyal fans visit the village to take part in the big festival. Equally popular are the open-air concert in June and the Christmas concert in December.

Große Kastelruther Spatzen Zelt

Success story of the Kastelruther Spatzen

The success of the Spatzen began in 1983, when their first record “Das Mädchen mit den erloschenen Augen” (The girl with the extinct eyes) was gilded. In 1990 the group was awarded the Grand Prix of Folk Music for the song “Tränen passen nicht zu Dir”. In the meantime, the Kastelruther Spatzen have won over a hundred gold records, 13 echoes (record holders), 11 crowns of folk music and many other prizes.

This makes the seven musicians the most successful German-speaking group of folk hits. They have long been internationally known and have fans throughout the German-speaking world.


Music Star Oswald Sattler

The solo musician Oswald Sattler is also a citizen of our village. Originally a founding member, singer and guitarist of the Kastelruther Spatzen, Oswald started a successful solo career in the early 90s.

  • Successful career

    His success is reflected in his collection of music prizes: he received the Grand Prix of Folk Music, two Golden Tuning Forks and several Golden Records. Oswald Sattler is also well known for his numerous appearances in the great churches of Germany and Austria. At these sacred concerts he uses his musical talents to convey religious values and to spread a confident image of God.


Musikstar Alexander Rier

Alexander Rier is another folk music star from Castelrotto: he follows in the footsteps of his father Norbert, the frontman of the Kastelruther Spatzen, and is on the best way to great success.

  • Folcloristic star

    Alexander’s genre is the hit. With old and new hits it creates atmosphere everywhere. His own hits are also catchy tunes. He is already fully integrated into the big folk music events of the region. For example, he has his place in the programme of the open-air concert of the Kastelruther Spatzen, and also his own festival, the ALEXANDER RIER – Fanclubfest, already has its tradition.

  • Kastelruther Spatzen mit Dorf im Hintergrund
  • Feier, Musizieren und Schunkeln auf dem großen Kastelruther Spatzenfest
  • Oswald Sattler von den Kastelruther Spatzen
  • Kastelruther Spatzen Gruppe
  • Zelt des Kastelruther Spatzen Festes im Herbst
  • Musikstars aus Kastelruth
  • Spatzen Zelt mit Panorama
  • Winter in Kastelruth mit den Kastelruther Spatzen

Kastelruth Music Band

"We want to beautify life in tones". 

– this is the motto of the Kastelruth music band. The band was founded in 1796 and even today it is impossible to imagine the village without it: the band provides a musical backdrop to both religious and secular celebrations and regularly organizes concerts and festivals. The 75 or so active members meet up to 85 times a year to play music together in their hometown or abroad. In recent years, for example, the band has traveled to Zermatt or to the Pope in Rome.

In winter, the traditional New Year’s wishes are one of the special highlights of the band. This year, too, the musicians will go from house to house around the turn of the year and deliver good wishes for the New Year with music.

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