1.000 years

of history in Castelrotto

Kastelruth and the entire Schlern region are literally covered by farmhouses, which creates a characteristic landscape. Some farmhouses were built during the 13th Century. The farmhouses and outbuildings are totally different type of buildings, one being a residential building while the other is used for work (i.e. the barn).

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Most of the time, the buildings come with large, light-filled rooms on the ground floor, which are often used as a type of basement and/or working rooms. The living quarters are situated on the first floor. The entry – the ‘veranda’ – is where people spend most of their time during the summer. The roof is originally made of shingles. The most comfortable room in the house is the lounge, which has wooden wall panels and comes with an oven, an oven bench and a cross in one corner of the room.

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